This Shirt Supports My Track

Welcome to the This Shirt Supports My Track initiative — an industry-wide project to help local R/C tracks stay alive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's all join together to ensure we have a place to race when this situation passes.

Goal 1: $50k — ACHIEVED!
Goal 2: $75k by Mar. 26 — ACHIEVED!
Goal 3: $100k by Mar. 31 — ACHIEVED!
Goal 4: $125k by Apr. 5 — ACHIEVED!
Goal 5: $150k by Apr. 5 — IN PROGRESS
Congratulations to Alex Chotkowski for winning Ryan Maifield's buggy that JConcepts donated when we hit our $100,000 goal!
Thank you to Brian Bowen who won the silent auction for Spencer Rivkin's buggy that Brian Kinwald helped build and anodize!
$153,055 of $150k goal
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